What is Integrative Energy Medicine?

Visual Representation of the Human Energy Body, it's wireless currents, and the way the Energy Flows.
Polarity Therapy, Volume I, Book II, Chart No.3 - Dr Stone

Integrative Energy Medicine combines Polarity Therapy and Integrative CranioSacral Unwinding. It is based on the idea that we are energetic beings with fields of pulsating life energy. Where this essential life force is not acting in the body, there is obstruction, spasm, or stagnation and pain. When our thoughts, emotions, and physical body are out of alignment with the energy needed to meet a life challenge, an energy imbalance results. These imbalances may appear as physical, mental, and emotional discomfort or even pain.

This is our body's way of communicating or signaling for us to learn, change and realign our lives. When we listen to our body and work with our ever-changing, life force energy, to continuously evolve and grow, we can create a foundation for health and well being. Integrative Energy Medicine helps us develop this balance by promoting the flexibility, spontaneity, creativity and clarity needed to meet the challenges of every day life. For with out challenge we will remain the same.

An Integrative Energy Medicine Session combines bodywork, exercise, vocal toning, nutrition, and verbal communication to evaluate and balance your life force energy. Through understanding and feeling our emotions, taking responsibility for our lives and our bodies, and creating life-enhancing thoughts we can start to live the life we desire. We can be Free.

Issues that can be addressed with Integrative Energy Medicine include:

Pain, Headaches, Stress, Behavioral Issues, Emotional Issues, Fatigue, Sleep Problems, Depression, Labor, Headaches, Attention Disorders, Developmental Issues, Ear Infections, Trauma, and More

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