Meet Amanda Marie

Hello! I am Amanda Marie!  

I am so excited to meet you!


Before Motherhood I was dysregulated in my emotions, disassociated and always searching for the next “thing” to energize me, and light me up. I let fear and my limiting beliefs rule my experiences. I was domesticated and miserable. 

Conceiving a child lit a wildfire inside of me. The fierce, true, primal version of me emerged with this new human soul and my wild woman had lessons to teach me. Diving deep into myself and dancing in the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine I have learned to trust myself, regulate my nervous system and manifest a life I truly desire.

It is truly an honor to witness and support others on their journey of self-discovery, emotional regulation and expression, and the embodiment of their true selves.


Freedom of Expressions
Vision & Mision

The vision of Freedom of Expressions is to inspire and empower those who are ready to ignite their wild nature and create their dreams.

It is our mission to build sacred spaces where you are supported and safe to release your armor, drop into your body, open your heart and free your authentic, true self.